Choosing a therapist that is a “fit” is hard.  The more I can let you know about my approach and focus for my work, the less runaround you have to do to help discern if I’m a good fit for your needs and preferences.  

I currently work with adults in multiple settings: individuals, relationships, and group.  

I use EMDR as well as awareness of body, congruency, connection, grounding, metaphors, and relational work (Relational Life Therapy) in my approach.  I love working with adults of all ages.  I also love working with folx in all stages of marriage and relationships, supporting them with the Relational Life Therapy model.  Aside from working in private practice, I have professional experience working with adult survivors of childhood sex trauma, adults in addiction recovery, aging adults in hospice care, and men who have past or present legal troubles.

In all of my work, I help clients address and unpack a range of emotions: anger, hopelessness, depression, jealousy, insecurity, fear, grief, stress, anxiety.  

Some of the human experiences I address include relationships, parenting, addictions, complex trauma (including childhood sexual abuse),  spiritual identity, attachment trauma, self-exploration, boundary-building, and social anxiety.


No matter the setting, these aspects apply to all of my work:

  • I identify as a LGBTQ-affirming therapist.  This means that I support folks of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  Being an ally has been a significant part of my own life story, and I am passionate about supporting the inherent dignity and respect of those in the community.  Gender-inclusive restrooms are currently unavailable at my office space.
  • I honor a client’s spiritual or religion identity, incorporating it into our time together as requested and as appropriate.  Sometimes, this also means working with identities that no longer fit the client or that the client is wrestling with or contemplating.
  • I use a HAES-informed approach as I work with clients who may be working through self-image, disordered eating recovery, body positivity, and connecting with their bodies in general.  That being said, if you’re in early recovery or seeking specific treatment of an eating disorder, I’m not an ED-specific provider.  I’d be happy and honored to refer you along to trusted colleagues, though, if you are seeking that!
  • If it appears that I am not a good match for your needs, I would ethically honor my obligation to refer you to someone who is.

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