What to Expect

I still remember when I first participated in group therapy.   It changed my understanding of personal growth and counseling.  To this day, I’m not surprised when folks reflect how rich and deep group therapy can be.

By sitting and processing with others, we are seen, validated, and connected.  Both forms of therapy have their place.  Research shows, though, the most impactful attribute of therapy remains the strength of the therapeutic relationship.  In individual therapy, it’s the relationship with the therapist, yet in group therapy, there are so many relationships at play!

All groups via Sarah Claus Therapy are designed to be safe, affirming places.  The group size is large enough to allow for a variety of opinion and a rich experience, yet small enough for authentic, customized relationships to develop.

Women’s Groups

Women Connect Community

While not a therapy group or a process group, this is an experience I’m excited to offer in 2020: Women Connect.  Women Connect is a community experience of local women who come together each week for 12 weeks.  At each gathering, the community is guided in an insight-based activity and discussion, allowing the group members to deepen in their relationship with themselves and with one another.  Topics include body work (think: massage, acupuncture), arts (painting, sand tray), and life wisdom (yoga therapy, relational health).

Connection-Depth Group

This group has been designed by myself and fellow therapist, Becky Natenberg of Zoetic Counseling.  It will be a 6-week process-style support group designed for women who want to learn to trust themselves while also learning about the experience of having deepened, honest relationships with other women.  Members may expect to feel empowered, supported, and challenged.

Self-Compassion Group

This group is for women interested in exploring self-compassion.  This group will run for 6 weeks.  The group will include experiential activities for group members to connect and root themselves in self-compassion, strength, and community.

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To learn more about joining this group or to learn about similar groups in the future, please contact Sarah Claus at sarahclaustherapy@gmail.com or complete the contact form here.

This group references many writers, including the evidence-based writings of Kristin Neff, Ph.D.  To learn more about Kristin Neff’s works, read her book, Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself, or visit her website at self-compassion.org.

These or Other Groups

To learn more about joining this group or to learn about similar groups in the future, please contact Sarah Claus at connect@sarahclaus.com or complete the contact form here.

I am continuously look at what client and community needs might be met best in a group setting.  If you have interest in a group that you do not see listed, please don’t hesitate to contact me, as there may be one being developed, or there might be one I could recommend elsewhere in the Denver area.