As a professional and as a human, I want to normalize therapy.  It’s social justice in my eyes.  And that’s why I’ve made these stickers.

Each day, I see how therapy helps to normalize life for folks who are struggling.  I also see folks judging themselves or others for needing therapy.  That’s crap.

All people need a place where they can step back, where they can reconnect with their core, and where they can feel connection with others.  Therapy is simply one of those places.

Join me and sport your “normalize therapy” sticker proudly to help folks feel less alone if/when they may ever consider therapy.  Personally, I’m energized and grounded by the conversations started and the people met when they see my stickers on my phone, water bottle, or notebooks.

After you receive yours, please tag Sarah Claus Therapy on Facebook or Instagram + #normalizetherapy so that we can see the movement spread!

Submit your info below to request yours.  And you’re always welcome to email me with questions or special requests.  Thank you for supporting this message!



***I also promise to be a good steward of your information.  There isn’t “a catch” where you’re suddenly going to receive all sorts of spam from me.  Contact info given will be used for the purposes of the purposes of the sticker unless you have any other questions or concerns.***


None!  This is free, from me to you.  That being said, if you feel compelled to offer a payment, instead of paying me, please just contribute a few dollars to a non-profit of your choice.  Here are a few great ones if you want some ideas:

Open Path Collective — Creates low-cost, accessible counseling services.

Family Tree — A Colorado-based supporting families and combatting domestic violence + homelessness.

Judi’s House — Free Denver-based services for grieving children and their families.

Every dollar adds up!  Thank you for supporting the role of therapy in the world today.