Nature Giveaway

Are you ready for a challenge?

Try this one and get a chance to win a free giveaway!!

Let me back up.  You see, I felt *INSPIRED* this week! I heard a beautiful presentation around being in nature.  It reminded me about how powerful a “Green Hour” can be for kids and for adults.  I loved the term that was used: green hour.  

It’s perfect for reminding me to normalize spending some time in nature–as a mom, as a partner, as a therapist, and as a human.  It’s helpful to make it routine–not a matter of *if*, just a matter of *when*.  

The Resolution: I’m resolving to give myself a green hour each day for the next month.  It’s perfect timing, too, because it’s the spring equinox this week AND my month will end just in time for Earth Day in April.

We know nature’s good for us, but how good, you ask?  It is proven to improve our mood, raise our self-esteem, increase our emotional resilience, boost our immune system, help our focus, calm our minds, lessen our stress, and enhance our sense of connection to others.

I mean–REALLY!!!  People invest a lot of time and money trying to get results like those.

So, I want to challenge you:
Could you give yourself one EXTRA green hour per week for the next month?  

Try this out.  See how it impacts your life.  If you do it, be sure to tag my practice in a post or photo about your #greenhour.  I’ll be picking one winner per week to win a great book about giving yourself a nature retreat!

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I’ll give away one book at the beginning of each week.  Final giveaway will be April 22nd, which is appropriately Earth Day.  

It’s still a bit chilly here and I have a young kid.  I will have to be intentional and creative.  Here are 10 ideas that I have about how I might spend my green hours for the next month:

  1. Prepare soil for garden.
  2. Spend a weekend morning at Red Rocks.
  3. Clean out my garage.
  4. Walk to the park.
  5. Watch the geese at our neighborhood lake to ma
  6. Stargaze!  There will certainly be one evening that is warm enough to do this if we pull out blankets and make this happen!
  7. Read books on the porch.
  8. Find a new walking trail along a creek.
  9. Sitting outside with my laptop to plan a camping trip for this summer.
  10. Creating a cool fort for our chickens.

I’m also going to have to overcome some thoughts.  These are the first ones to come to mind:

  1. “I don’t have time.”
  2. “It’s too cold.”  
  3. “I can do it later/tomorrow.” 
  4. “I *kind of* was already outside today; maybe that can be enough.”
  5. “I shouldn’t have committed to this.”

I’m in, though.  Are you?  

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