Finding Freedom

The 4th of July reminds folks of many things, including:

~their wish to live lakeside every single day while armed with a watermelon and a grill,

~their love/hate relationship with fireworks (or is that just me since I have a dog and live in a dry state?), and

~the idea that freedom and independence are celebration-worthy.

Let’s stick with that last one.  Emma Lazarus penned the iconic lines for the Statue of Liberty to welcome those entering the United States–she wrote for those who are struggling the most, who are outcast from their own people, and who are “yearning to breathe free”.  Today reminds many US citizens and residents how fortunate they are to live where freedom is so highly prized and protected.  While the United States must take a serious look at how it keeps itself accountable for being the land it claims to be, we as its people also get to take this time to reassess our own lives.

I invite you to take this Independence Day to review your life a bit, because sometimes we need to *free ourselves* from whatever is holding us back.  To put it another way, if we purportedly have such protected freedom, how do we make the most of it?  Sometimes, it seems like we find ways to help ourselves feel bogged down and shackled, despite being “free”.

Please be clear, I’m not encouraging independence from all obligations.  Dogs need to be walked and meals need to be made.  However, I do encourage all of us (myself included) to look at what parts of our lives are not only not serving us, but actually holding us back from living authentically.  

Here are my three 4th of July links with quick reads to get your *personal freedom* fire(works) lit:

#1) Letting Go of the “Real Stuff”
This is a beautiful list of short, simple tips that aren’t so simple when you unpack them.  So, before you click, I encourage you to think of whatever the first thing is that is weighing on you.  Then, click and try to apply as many of the tips/steps as possible to that one part of your life.

#2) 3 Strategies for Breaking Negative Thoughts
This outlines 3 of the strategies that I see making the most radical improvement in my life and in my clients’ lives.  However, if you notice your thoughts don’t just make you feel grumpy, but that they also make you feel anxious, I’d suggest this read, too.

#3) 10 Commandments of Freeing Yourself from Clutter
I feel this one.  Clutter bogs us down, and it feels daunting to overcome it when it becomes a vicious game of whack-a-mole.  I love these “10 Commandments” because chances are that if you’re like me, there are a couple that would be helpful to focus on at this point in your home and life.  

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