9 Reasons I Believe in You, My Client.

1. I have yet to meet a single client who doesn’t have some remarkably badass qualities.  I love seeing and honoring those qualities.

2.  Sometimes folks haven’t experienced **Being Believed In** (from others or from themselves) in a really long time.  It’s nice refamiliarize them with what that can be like.

3.  You have done so much to get to this moment.  So much that I’m left just amazed by your journey.  I cannot and will not dismiss that.

4.  When someone says that they want to “start therapy,” to me they are saying, “I want to switch it up.”  It might be switching up their perspective, their relationships, their mindset, or even their brain/body patterns.  They’re coming in with a moment of hope, and I believe deeply in and honor hope.

5.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe in one’s self, so I *GET* to show up for you and hold hope for you when it may be hard for you to do that for yourself.

6.  Humans (and their brains and hearts) are incredibly strong, resilient, and brilliant.

7.  Because I believe humans are inherently connected.  I can’t believe in one person’s potential without believing in another’s.

8.  I know the magical, heart-squeezing, fire-lighting, life-changing impact that can happen because of times when people have believed in me.

9.  I have no reason not to.